Startup 360°



For the past two decades the world has undergone an unprecedented technological revolution, one that has influenced almost every aspect of the way we live, work and do business. Startups - the small, innovative companies which creatively disrupt existing services and products – have played a key role in shaping this revolution, along with the new knowledge, theories and practices required to support the new ecosystem.

The Jerusalem Business School has designed its International StartUp 360° MBA to give a select group of students the knowledge and skills required to successfully adapt to this new business reality.

Here in Israel, itself a hub of innovation and home to a booming hi-tech and start-up scene, our students gain far more than they ever could through classroom learning alone; value-added elements of the International StartUp 360° MBA program include professional internships with leading Israeli VCs and startups, learning from and networking with internationally acclaimed experts, and taking part in real investment processes using tangible money.


We believe that learning about this ecosystem from multiple points of view is beneficial for entrepreneurs, founders-to-be, potential investors, and any other person who wishes to be part of this vibrant ecosystem. Therefore, unlike other programs which focus on how to build a new startup, the International StartUp 360° MBA focuses on the following three key aspects: entrepreneurs, investors and the ecosystem.

Taught by experts in their field, who share cutting-edge academic knowledge, the program covers subjects such as:






Human resources




The program’s credits are taken over three consecutive semesters (fall, spring and summer), with the first two semesters including a professional internship, and the TIP program running through the summer semester. By the end of this fully immersive eleven-month MBA program, you will not only have acquired the building blocks; you will have undergone an internship and even pitched your ideas to the venture capital community.


The International StartUp 360° MBA has two tracks:

  1. Non-Business Background Track (48 Credits)

    • Basic Business Core Courses (24 credits)
    • Startup 360° Courses (13 credits)
    • Electives(1 credit)
    • Internship (4 credits)
    • Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP) - Summer Semester (6 credits)


  2. Business Background Track (42 Credits)

    • Startup 360° Courses (13 credits)
    • Innovation Electives (19 credits)
    • Internship (4 credits)
    • Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP) - Summer Semester (6 credits)


Note: Students may choose additional academic courses where they fit into their timetable, for no additional charge.

In addition, students may take various Hebrew courses offered by the Rothberg International School, ranging from elementary to upper-advanced, during the academic year and summer semester. Hebrew courses are not covered by tuition. Learn more.



One of the main goals of the International StartUp 360° MBA is to give students practical experience in applying theoretical and analytical concepts to real-life business challenges. To this end, students take part in two types of internship project as part of the course:

  • with a venture capitalist who has proven evidence of successful investments in entrepreneurship and innovation companies (semester 1); and
  • at a startup, funded by the venture capitalist, that is currently in the process of developing a business strategy (semester 2).

Twice a week between October and July, students visit one of the organizations with which JBS collaborates, taking part in organizational tasks and procedures, such as financial analyses, business strategy building, marketing, research and development etc.

Interns also meet regularly with the internship coordinator at the University, taking part in interactive soft skills workshops where they receive guidance in writing their resume, self-presentation, using LinkedIn etc.; and monthly evaluations where they discuss and analyze their intern experience, using theoretical frameworks from business studies and providing meaningful links between theory and practice.

To apply for an internship, students must meet with the internship coordinator prior to the beginning of the academic year and undergo personal interviews.

As an alternative to the internships, students can also create a project of writing a business plan.

The internship is worth 4 credits.


Our Internship Partners

Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP)

In the summer semester, students undergo a uniquely practical, intensive four to six-week program that we call the Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP), for which they receive 6 credits towards their MBA.

The first four weeks of TIP cover a world-class curriculum that includes: computer vision, big-data/cyber, bioengineering and entrepreneurship. This is followed by a week focused on special themes in space and design and two weeks dedicated to projects. All this culminates in a final event where students have the opportunity to actually pitch ideas to a panel of real investors and accelerators.

Teaching is carried out through lectures, workshops, behind-the-scenes tours of emerging startups, on-site visits to major technology companies and interactive fireside group discussions with experienced angel investors and VCs.


Tuition for the eleven-month program is 31,000 USD.

The health insurance fee is 1,260$ (not included).

Find out about your eligibility for financial aid or a scholarship.