For the past two decades the world has been experiencing an unprecedented technological revolution that is influencing almost every aspect of people’s interact, encounters, business relations, - or in simple words - the way we live. One of the key factors that shape this revolution are startup initiatives. Startups are small, innovative companies which 'creatively destruct' existing services and products. Alongside these startups new ecosystem has evolved, which includes financial intermediators, legal advisors, consultants and other service providers. Moreover, new knowledge, theories and practices have been developing to support this new ecosystem.

The school of Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has established a program which aims to teach those who wish to enter this new ecosystem. Yet, unlike other programs which focus on how to build a new startup, our program emphasizes the three prisms: entrepreneurs, investors and the ecosystem. We believe that learning about this ecosystem from multiple points of view is beneficial for potential investors, prospective entrepreneurs, founders to be, startup managers and any other person who wishes to be part of this vivid ecosystem.

The international StartUp 360° MBA program is composed of cutting-edge academic knowledge, in subjects such as entrepreneurship, strategy, finance, marketing, operations, human resources, technology and accounting, combined with practical hands-on activity in three ways: (a) lectures by leading industry practitioners including investors, lawyers, crowdfund managers etc.; (b) students taking part in real investment processes using tangible money within a seminar; and (c) internships with leading Israeli VCs.

We are certain that the combination of all these elements creates a unique and groundbreaking academic and practical learning experience. We will teach you how to invest and how to work effectively as an entrepreneur. Based in Israel, we will be able to provide you with a fully immersive 10 month MBA program that starts with the building blocks, provides you with internships and at the end of the program allows you to pitch your ideas to the venture capital community.